The Pollination Project Official Awardee

The Pollination Project, a nonprofit foundation that gives $1000 a day, every day, to individual change-makers and activists worldwide, awarded a $500 grant to Mujidah Ajibola creator/founder of Purple Pearls Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

Mujidah Ajibola’s Purple Pearls Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Programme is focused on funding vulnerable women; especially those that have been displaced as a result of terrorist activities in Nigeria and are in business or have been trained in some crafts to remove them out of the shackles of poverty. By empowering them, the women are able to cater for their children’s feeding, health and education. They are also able to reintegrate into the society.
The Purple Pearls Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Programme targets Internally Displaced women who have acquired vocational skills or have micro-businesses to enhance the economic empowerment of women by developing their entrepreneurial and business development skills to enable them become successful entrepreneurs and re-integrate into the society.

Mujidah Ajibola Pollination Project Official Awardee
Mujidah Ajibola, Founder Purple Pearls Empowerment Foundation, The Pollination Project Official Awardee

“Thank you, Pollination Project, for believing in my work and impact on the community,” said Ajibola. “This grant will help me empower internally displaced women.”

The Pollination Project gives seed grants to projects that benefit people, the planet, and animals in areas like environmental sustainability, social justice, community health and wellness, arts, and education. To view a full list of recipients to date please see:

For more about the Purple Pearls Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme, see

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The Pollination Project awards $1000 in seed grants every day to individual change makers and activists who are working to make the world — or their own community — a better, more peaceful, just and more sustainable place. The Pollination Project is a platform for investing directly in committed people who just need a little money to launch their social change vision. For more information or to apply please visit

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